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Deepwater Blue 1967 Camaro Z28

    Where it all Started. I stumbled across an intriguing classified ad on www.carbuyer.com. The ad had since disappeared but I made a copy of it for posterity.

Eventually, I learned this was the only place the car was ever advertised for sale.

Note that "Z28" is not mentioned in the ad copy. Also, the asking price ($30,000) is high, regardless of the car's pedigree. Especially high for an unrestored car with high mileage.

I was somewhat dubious as to the authenticity and condition of the car, but the picture was enticing and I really wanted to find a 1967 Z-28.

I emailed the seller for more information, particularly the car's trim tag codes.

After several days wherein the only reply consisted of some photos shown to the right, I received a fax with a copy of the DMV title, the VIN and trim tag codes, and a few comments about the car's history and condition.

The trim tag in particular confirmed that the car was a Z-28.

Seller's Description. "The car was purchased in 1988 from a gentleman in Hainesport, NJ. The previous, and original, owner was from Penna. The mileage reported on the ad (72,000) and on the title (87,500) were both incorrect -- the true mileage is 78,691.

The car was repainted pre-1988 with incorrect striping -- the two white racing stripes on the trunk and hood are supposed to stop at the lids' edges. There is no visible rust and the metal is straight except for an "amateurishly" repaired "ding" on the rear deck lid.

The photos show the original dealer-installed luggage rack. The car is all original except for tires, engine bay hoses, and battery cables. (nb: The seller was misinformed -- see "Getting a Second Opinion" below). The engine was last serviced, including a carb rebuild, in Spring 1999 by Everett Johnson's in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

The interior is original, includes the optional console and gauges, but there's a seam coming apart on the driver's seat.

Other than the VIN, DMV title, and cowl tag, there is no  Protecto-Plate, build sheet, invoice or any other documentation."

Decoding the VIN and trim tag codes. The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN for short, decodes as follows:


Vehicle ID: 12437 = Camaro Sport Coupe with V8
Year: 7 = 1967
Plant: N = Norwood
Numerical vehicle ID number: 2347nn

The trim tag, located on the firewall just above and behind the brake master cylinder, decodes as follows:

General Motors Corporation



ST 67-12437

NOR 134858 BODY

TR 760-Z 




4L 5B


Build Date: 06B = June 2nd week
Interior Trim Color: E = Black
Model Year: 67 = 1967
Camaro Designation Code: "12437" = Camaro Sport Coupe with standard interior
Plant: "NOR" = Norwood Plant
Fisher Body Number: 134858
Interior Trim (Seats): 760Z = Black std buckets w/o headrests
Lower Body Color: E = Deepwater Blue
Roof Color: E = Deepwater Blue
Body Option Group 1: EL = Tinted glass, Fold-down rear seat
Body Option Group 2: 2LGSR = 4-speed, Console, Rear antenna, Rear speaker
Body Option Group 3: (does not appear on trim plate)
Body Option Group 4: L = Z/28 package (302 engine)
Body Option Group 5: B = Bumper guards

Getting a second opinion. Jerry MacNeish,  the man who literally "wrote the book" on first generation Z28s, lives only a couple of hours from New Jersey, where the car was located. Coincidentally, he was already planning to drive up to see a 1969 COPO Camaro. Jerry offered, for a fee naturally, to appraise and authenticate the car I found on the web.

In two days, I had Jerry's faxed report in hand.

Although the car appears to be a "real" 1967 Z28, Jerry found a high number of non-original parts. The engine block was original but just about every other component wasn't. It wasn't that the stuff was bad (e.g. the tranny and rear end appear to be from a 1968 Z28 or SS) -- it just wasn't original.

To make a long story short. Jerry appraised the car, from a restoration point of view, much lower than the asking price. I presented an offer  based on  the appraised value.

After a couple of days and a bit of "back and forth", the seller accepted my offer.

The car was delivered cross-country and arrived in mid-December 1999.



Seller's Photos
Deepwater Blue 1967 Z-28. Click to visit photo gallery.

Deepwater Blue 1967 Z-28. Click to visit photo gallery.

Deepwater Blue 1967 Z-28. Click to visit photo gallery.

Deepwater Blue 1967 Z-28. Click to visit photo gallery.

DMV Title
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Actual DMV title. Click to enlarge.

Jerry MacNeish Appraisal
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Jerry MacNeish's Authentication & Appraisal Report. Click to enlarge.