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67 Z28 "Stripe Guide"

When it was time to paint new stripes on my project car, I ordered a stencil kit from Rick's First Generation. I'm pretty sure this is the same stencil kit that all of the Camaro mail order places carry. In any case, I was very disappointed with the kit after comparing it to the stripes on my original paint car.

I took some careful measurements from my unrestored car and prepared the following message for my painter:

Clyde, after much measuring and re-measuring, here is the definitive “67 Z28 stripe guide”. Following this cover page, you will find detailed specifications for:

·          Front stripes

·          Rear stripes

·          Deck lid emblem template

That page from the striping kit you gave me? Forget it, throw it away. The front stripe dimensions are wrong, plus the trunk lid striping information is for a 1969 car.

Some interesting info:

·          The hood stripe narrows a total of 3/4” from the cowl panel to the leading edge of the header panel.

·          The rear stripe narrows a total of 3/8” from the front edge of the deck lid to the back.

·          The border, or gutter, on both front and back is 1/4” wide whereas the outer pinstripe on both front and back is 9/32” wide.

·          The two rear stripes have identical dimensions. They should be mirror images of each other.

·          I think the easiest way to do all this is to position the “emblem stripe” first, then mirror its position with the opposing stripe.

I hope these diagrams come through clearly.

Best regards,



Front stripe blueprint

Rear stripe blueprint

Deck lid emblem template


And, if that isn't enough, here is a photo gallery of 67 Z28 stripes.

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